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Plogging - WePlog - What?

Plogging. It's an amalgamation of the Swedish words 'plocka upp' and 'jogga'. The second word is obvious and means jogging. Plocka upp means to collect or pick up. Combined, this then becomes Plogging and means picking up waste while jogging (or walking 😉).

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Eneco Clean Beach Cup Plastic Soup visual

Microplastics and plastics soup, why the Eneco Clean Beach Cup is still needed every year

Plastic, plastic and more plastic. The product that never decays. Literally, because plastic does not biodegrade in our natural environment. It crumbles into microplastics which decompose into nanoplastics. And these really know how to work their way into everything. We have to get rid of them!

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To create support, you need to stand out and we know how to do that. All volunteers who help clean the beach are given a beautiful Eneco Clean Beach Cup fluorescent jacket! The bright red colour always catches the eye. You can keep the fluorescent jacket after the beach cleanup and put it on your bike, or when you go to collect waste in your neighbourhood.

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