• Can I already register for Eneco Clean Beach Cup 2024?

    Yes, registrations for Eneco Clean Beach Cup 2024 are open. So be sure to register your participation in the largest beach cleanup in the country on Sunday, March 24. Then you can be sure that a cleanup package will be waiting for you at your location of choice.


  • Which locations are participating?

    The main locations is Surfclub Windekind in Belgium. At these main locations, in addition to the clean-up action, there will also be plenty of other activities for young and old, always reffering to the sea.

    You can also pick up your clearance package at many other locations along the Belgian and Dutch coast. An overview of all locations can be found on this page.

    After cleaning up, you can have your collected waste weighed and disposed of at any location.

  • Where can I find the programme of the main locations?

    The Eneco Clean Beach Cup cleanup event on Sunday, March 24, will run from 1pm to 6pm. The activities and promotions we organize at the main locations will also take place between those hours.

    You can follow the programme and special promotions on our Instagram or Facebook page, we'll post regular updates. Signed up for our newsletter? Then you will receive a nice overview in your mailbox shortly before the beach cleanup.

  • How to reach the main locations easily?

    Main location Scheveningen – Surf’s Cool

    Surfclub Surf's Cool is based at De Pier in Scheveningen. There is plenty of parking near De Pier, but obviously try to carpool as much as possible. Or even better: take public transport. De Pier is easy to reach by train, tram and/or bus.

    • You take public transport:

    From the station Den Haag Centraal, travel on by tram line 9 to the Kurhaus stop. From Laan van NOI station take bus 23 and get off at the Kurhaus stop. From the Kurhaus stop it's a 5-minute walk to De Pier.

    • You do travel by car:

    From Amsterdam (via A4), Rotterdam (via A13) and Utrecht (via A12), drive until junction Clausplein A12 towards Voorburg. Continue until the end of the A12. Turn right here onto Benoordenhoutseweg and after 800 metres take the first left at the traffic lights onto Van Alkemadelaan. This avenue merges into Zwolsestraat. To park, turn right at the traffic lights at the TINQ petrol station and enter Parking Strand, located on Zwolsestraat. Then drive underground as far as possible to park as close to De Pier as possible. There you can take the stairs or the elevator to the surface. You will walk about 5 - 10 minutes to De Pier.

    Main location Blankenberge – O’Neill Beachclub

    The main location in Belgium this year is Blankenberge. Our operating base is the O'Neill Beachclub. By public transport, get off at the Blankenberge Pier stop or the Sealife stop. Both are about 50 metres from O'Neill Beachclub. There is plenty of parking 100 metres from the club.

    • You take public transport:

    From Blankenberge Station, take the Coastal Tram and get off at the Blankenberge Pier stop. You can also walk from Blankenberge Station to O'Neill Beachclub, which is about a 15-minute walk.

    • You do travel by car:

    You take the E40 highway towards Ostend and take exit 8 (Brugge/Zeebrugge). You then take the N31 (towards Blankenberge) and N371 to Blankenberge. When parking in Blankenberge, be careful because many streets are blue zones, where you can only park for a limited time and have to use your parking disc. You can pay to park in Parking Indigo, then walk 15 minutes to O'Neill Beachclub.

    Use this this map to see where you can and cannot park on the street in Blankenberge and the price per zone.

  • Do I need to bring my own cleanup equipment?

    Cleanup kits are provided at all participating locations. We will make a distribution of materials based on the registrations per location, so be sure to sign up.

    Such a cleanup kit includes a grabber, gloves and a bucket or waste bag. If you have your own cleanup material, you may of course use that too, as cleanup kits are only available while stocks last. We ask that you return the grabbers and buckets after cleaning up. That way we can reuse them at subsequent Eneco Clean Beach Cup events. Can you use the jacket? If so, please keep it, this will emphasise your commitment once again.

  • Can I bring my dog(s) to the Eneco Clean Beach Cup?

    We would love to resoundingly say "YES!", but unfortunately we are not allowed to. At each location, the rules of the respective municipality apply. These are the rules for the main locations:

    • O’Neill Beachclub Blankenberge, BE

    On Blankenberge beach, dogs are only allowed on a leash. So your four-legged friend can come along for a walk, as long as you keep him or her on a leash.

    • Surf’s Cool Scheveningen, NL

    Dogs are allowed to run free on large parts of Scheveningen beach. Do read the info board posted at the beach entrance with detailed info. Some beaches are stricter depending on the period or crowds.

    Not going to either of these two main locations? Both in Belgium and the Netherlands, each beach has specific rules. So check in advance whether your friend - on a leash or not - is allowed.

    Info Belgium | Info The Netherlands

  • How do I clean up properly?

    First of all, it is important to know what you should and should not clean up. Plastic and packaging obviously do not belong on the beach and therefore you clean up as much as possible. We are finding more and more used face masks and other personal protective equipment on the beach. Make sure not to pick these up without a grabber or gloves and, if possible, use a separate bag or bucket to collect these items. This way, they can be processed correctly. Be sure to always use your grabber or gloves when cleaning up, so you will always be safe.

  • What happens to all the waste? Is it recycled?

    For many years, Eneco Clean Beach Cup has had a wonderful partner for processing the collected waste: Renewi. They ensure that the waste is recycled to the maximum extent and that as much material as possible is given a second life.

    After the big beach clean, Renewi transports all waste containers to their site. There, an initial sorting is carried out immediately. The waste flows are then further processed into secondary raw materials for new products or used for other useful applications. This way, the materials from the collected waste remain in the cycle. This reduces the need for new raw materials, a crucial step towards a circular economy.

  • Why do we also use plastic bags during Eneco Clean Beach Cup?

    We use plastic bags for practical reasons, but these bags are always made from recycled material. Renewi recycles the used plastic bags and makes new ones.

    Still, to reduce the number of used plastic bags, we urge you to fill the bags properly before dropping them in a bin. So while cleaning up, try to pour half-full bags into one full bag.

    Eneco Clean Beach Cup buckets are also available at various locations. By the way, these typical red buckets are also made of recycled plastic!

  • What can I still do if I can't participate in the Eneco Clean Beach Cup on 26 March?

    You're not attending the Eneco Clean Beach Cup this year? Too bad, we would have loved to have had you there!

    But you can also get involved at any time in your own neighbourhood: you will undoubtedly come across more waste than you'd like. Download the WePlog app: it simply shows you where there is still work to be done. You can also join the Eneco Clean Beach Cup Community, so you are never alone. The app also offers a nice bonus: for every 150 minutes you - or the community together - clean, WePlog plants a tree! So, don't hesitate and get involved locally, at your best convenience.