Plogging - WePlog - What?


Plogging. It's an amalgamation of the Swedish words 'plocka upp' and 'jogga'. The second word is obvious and means jogging. Plocka upp means to collect or pick up. Combined, this then becomes Plogging and means picking up waste while jogging (or walking 😉).

Eneco Clean Beach Cup Community

After plogging became increasingly popular as a fitness trend in Sweden, the phenomenon began to spread all over the world. Meanwhile, everywhere you go you will find an action or group you can join for plogging. But it is something you can just as easily do on your own as a work-out or recreation.

In Belgium and the Netherlands, you can use WePlog. The plogging app by excellence. When you open the app, you get to see a street map of your neighbourhood. All streets that have not yet been cleaned are coloured red. If you plog in one of the red streets, that street turns green. That way, everyone is working together. In the WePlog app, you can also join a community, the Eneco Clean Beach Cup Community for instance. Within a community, all your plogged time is added up and WePlog plants a tree for every 150 minutes. Cool, right?