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Many hands make lighter work and a lighter waste mountain. Thanks to the help of various organisations and companies, Eneco Clean Beach Cup gets a little closer to its goal every time: a sustainable future for our oceans and seas.



Since 2007, Eneco has been implementing initiatives to make sustainable energy available to everyone. The energy supplier has meanwhile grown into a leader in energy transition, both in Belgium and the Netherlands. Eneco supplies green energy by focusing 100% on sun and wind.

And sun and wind also mean beaches! That is why the company also launched the Eneco Clean Beach Cup about 10 years ago. The beach cleanup campaign makes people think and reflect on the plastic problem. Besides Belgium, it also mobilised the Netherlands to clean beaches.

Dealing with sustainability involves more than developing sustainable energy sources. How do we want to treat our planet? How do we contribute to a sustainable future for the next generations? Eneco tries to formulate constructive answers to these questions every day. 

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Welcome to Koksijde-Oostduinkerke, host town of the Eneco Clean Beach Cup 2024. Being a coastal municipality, we know more than anyone else the priceless value of having a clean beach. Not only do we have the widest beach on the West Coast, but also 700 extra hectares of nature reserves. Time for you to discover and enjoy it. Throughout every season.

With this beauty comes a vital task: protecting our beaches from pollution. Our goal? A clean environment for everyone, allowing future generations to experience the splendour of Koksijde-Oostduinkerke too.

Join our fight to preserve this natural environment. Your support will make a difference.
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The Click

The Click is a project by Fost Plus to eliminate street litter. Everyone gets annoyed by street trash, on the beach or in the woods. To encourage people to collect litterin their neighbourhood, the Click gives you rewards for collected litter. Via the free app the Click you scan the waste you collect and get Circular Ucoins instead. In certain areas, you can redeem your Circular Ucoins at local merchants, but you can also choose from national vouchers or support initiatives such as Natuurpunt.

Click here and discover Te Click

Mount Gay

Mount Gay

Mount Gay is the oldest distillery in the world, with 320 years of experience in rum production. Sugarcane molasses and naturally coral-filtered water give the rum a unique flavour. They are putting their shoulders to the wheel this year for the first time in the Eneco Clean Beach Cup, demonstrating their commitment to clean beaches and a more sustainable world.

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Stu Bru

Studio Brussel

Music sounds particularly nice on the beach, but even nicer when the beach is plastic-free. That is why Studio Brussel has been a steady partner of the Eneco Clean Beach Cup for years. As usual, StuBru will provide swinging music during a live broadcast from the main location in Blankenberge. By putting its shoulder to the wheel, Studio Brussel is informing nearly one million people through radio and online channels. The radio station also made a special edition of Merol's ‘Hou je bek en bef me’. Watch the video on Youtube.

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Sunweb HP


Sustainable travel starts at home and Sunweb is well aware of that. Everyone deserves a well-earned holiday to hit the pause button. For Sunweb, sustainable travel not only means offering alternatives to flying holidays, but also by supporting initiatives at holiday destinations and here in Belgium & the Netherlands that keep beaches plastic-free. Sunweb sets a good example to customers as a proud partner of the Eneco Clean Beach Cup.

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Hyundai is once again a partner of the Eneco Clean Beach Cup this year.

The Korean brand grew in no time to become a leading automaker in the field of alternate powertrains and zero-emissions. Hyundai put the IONIQ 6, IONIQ 5, KONA Electric and KONA hybrid at the organization's disposal to cover the miles involved in organizing such an event. Did you know that the interior of the IONIQ 5 and IONIQ 6 incorporates recycled fishing nets? This year, you can come and write your own on the KONA Electric about what being ecological means to you.

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North Sea Chefs

The North Sea Chefs are encouraging chefs, amateur cooks and anyone who loves fish to use less well-known fish species and bycatch responsibly. We should eat what the fisherman catches. But there are not only fish in the sea, there are some 150 million plastic bags floating around in the North Sea and 20,000 tonnes of waste is added every year. 80% of that waste washes up on our beautiful beaches. This is why the North Sea Chefs can be found at the Eneco Clean Beach Cup every year. Fun fact: all the North Sea Chefs' aprons are made of at least 65% recycled plastic bottles!

See what the North Sea Chefs stand for and what they do here.



Mooimakers is an established name when it comes to raising awareness and campaigning around street trash. This Flemish initiative actively supports individuals, schools, associations, local authorities and companies that want to dedicate themselves to a cleaner environment. They do so by providing free cleanup material, but also with themed lessons, games, cleanup actions, etc. This year, Mooimakers is once again a partner of the Eneco Clean Beach Cup.

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Paveau has a clear 'message in a bottle': reduce plastic waste out of love for people and the planet. Our iconic glass water bottles were the very first on the market with a handy twist-off cap, perfect for tap water. Available in fun colours, they bring a sustainable and stylish touch to your interiors.

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After the plastic and waste is collected from the beaches, something naturally needs to happen to it. We have relied on Renewi for this for many years. They collect all the waste gathered after the Eneco Clean Beach Cup and start processing it. Everything that can be recycled or used for something else is given a second life. The rest is fully sorted and processed. The result of their work? Less waste, smarter (re)use of scarce raw materials and fewer CO2 emissions. This is how they work towards a cleaner, circular world in which waste no longer exists.

Discover Renewi Belgium | Renewi The Netherlands



Wind- & Watersport Vlaanderen is the Flemish unisport federation for surfing, sailing and all related sports. Besides the innumerable negative consequences for marine life, for surfers and sailors, all that plastic and other waste in the sea also pollutes their sports field. To raise support for the problem, WWSV signed a mutual commitment with previous North Sea State Secretary Philippe De Backer. WWSV has been involved in the Eneco Clean Beach Cup since its very beginning and is enthusiastically putting their shoulder to the beach-cleaning action again this year.

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We Plog


WePlog is an app which makes it very easy to collect street trash in your own neighbourhood. The street map colours dirty streets red and clean streets green. You can also join the Eneco Clean Beach Cup community. Within the community, the time you spend collecting street trash is accumulated and, for every 150 minutes, WePlog plants a tree!

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Fast Forward

Fast Forward

Fast Forward is a Ghent-based event agency and has been involved in organising the Eneco Clean Beach Cup from the very beginning. As the organising force behind the event, Fast Forward is committed every year to making the first sunday of spring all about nature, the plastic issue and clean beaches.

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Surfrider Foundation

Surfrider Foundation

Surfrider is for everyone who loves the sea and wants to protect our beautiful North Sea, coast and surf spots. Surfrider operates in 12 countries and has more than 18,000 members. For more than 30 years, they have been committed to issues such as clean water, clean beaches and the protection of surf spots. They do this through campaigns, education, events, projects and collaborations. The Eneco Clean Beach Cup is one of those events.

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Sustainability, seasonal ingredients and home-grown products are obvious for Foodbag, which delivers weekly meal boxes and unique recipes to your home. Foodbag does not work with stocks, so orders coming in are ordered directly from the producer to keep the chain as short as possible and the products as fresh as possible. The use of packaging is also kept to an absolute minimum. So joining forces with the Eneco Clean Beach Cup was a no-brainer for Foodbag.

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Checkpoint A

Checkpoint A ensures everything runs smoothly from registrations to registration of collected waste. Our digital heroes. So during the event, they ensure that data on the waste collected is recorded so that we know in real time how much waste was collected. If you were at the main location last year, you no doubt saw the big screen showing the weight per location.

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De Morgen

De Morgen

DH be



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Trashure Hunt

TrashUre Hunt raises awareness on environmental and waste issues in an accessible but effective way. Using creative activities for all ages, participants 'hunt' for waste. This shows in a fun way that small actions can make a big difference. By doing so and by motivating people to take action, they hope to change behaviour and make people consciously live more sustainably.

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In de buurt

In De Buurt

Sea Life 4


SEA LiFE Blankenberge is home to the only seal sanctuary in Belgium. Since 1998, seals have been taken in and cared for there, before being released back into the sea. During the presentations you will learn about feeding and care techniques and go home with lots of fun facts.

The seals are not the only ones you can admire in the park. In the outdoor area of the park, you will meet crazy Humboldt penguins and playful otters.

If you want to expend some energy in between, you can indulge in the climbing adventure & playground. Once back inside, you will discover a colorful underwater world with different kinds of sharks and fish, seahorses ... and even a captured sea turtle! The park always works with quests or quizzes, so there is always a challenge for the family.

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Ecover stands for sustainability. They even speak of a 'Clean world revolution', and they mean it. Recovering and reusing packaging, finding biodegradable alternatives to plastic and thus reducing their plastic footprint. Ecover wants to be a role model for other organisations and they do so thoroughly. They have therefore been partners of the Eneco Clean Beach Cup for several years, one of the many initiatives they wholeheartedly support

Find out what the revolution entails here: Ecover Belgium | Ecover The Netherlands



For many years, Princes has been ensuring that young and old can enjoy delicious canned fish. All fish is caught in a 100% socially responsible way. From each can you can find out where the fish was caught and the route the fish took after being caught. Princes is committed to sustainable and socially responsible fishing worldwide. Since last year, they have been a partner of the Eneco Clean Beach Cup, so they are also fully committed to clean beaches and less plastic in nature back home.

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Den Haag

Den Haag

With more trees than residents and 111,000 hectares of dunes, parks and country estates, The Hague is one of Europe's greenest cities. A city bustling with sustainable businesses, restaurants and initiatives, which also has room for an extensive network of electric charging stations. The Scheveningen district is the Netherlands' most popular coastal town, making it the ideal base for the Eneco Clean Beach Cup. Surf's Cool will serve as the main location in the Netherlands for the second year in a row.

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